What You Need to Know About the 2019 WFTDA Playoffs “Pack Is Here” Discount

The WFTDA is excited to bring you some of the top events in roller derby this season with the 2019 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships. This three-part blog series will give you all the information you need to know about where, how, and when to get your tickets for all the action on June 17! For more information on our events, check out WFTDA.com/tournaments.

When that starting whistle blows at 10am EDT on June 17, gather your folks and grab your Pack Is Here discount tickets to fun.  A 4-pack of tickets to the WFTDA Playoffs in Winston-Salem or Seattle are each only $175.00 USD. That’s a discount of $21.25 off each 3-day ticket and a total savings of over $85.00. It’s the biggest discount we offer on 3-day passes, which makes it hands-down the best option for groups.

Why a 4-Pack?

Because you can fit four people in a car, four in a room, four at a table, four on the track, four wheels on a skate, and well, we believe life is better in a pack!
Four Friends Have More Fun

How to Purchase

Here are specific instructions for finding the Pack Is Here discount on the ticketing websites for Playoffs.

Winston-Salem: Click the “3-Day Pass” ticket option and choose “3-Day Pass – Multiples of 4.”

Screenshot: Winston-Salem Playoffs “Pack is Here” 4-Pack

Seattle: Add four of the single 3-Day Passes, then choose the discount at checkout under the by the “special offers” dropdown. If you do not apply the discount at checkout, it will not be applied to your order and there are no refunds.

Seattle Pack is Here Tickets
Screenshot: Seattle Playoffs “Pack is Here” Three Day Pass 4-Pack

Find Your Pack

Now that you’re ready to buy your tickets June 17th at 10:00am EDT online at WFTDA.com/Tickets, you need to find the other three people to go with you! Don’t worry—we’re here to help. We’ve created these handy invite images for you to tag your friends in. We’ve uploaded them to all social platforms, so you can tag each of your friends on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! If more than four of them reply, we have over 250 of the Pack is Here tickets in the queue for you, so you can have as many packs as you want.

Pack it Up with Me in Seattle
Pack it Up with Me in Winston-Salem


Looking to meet new people? Join our Facebook event pages for Winston-Salem and Seattle and post in the event to find your pack. Hint: Add some details about what you’re looking for in your pack. Here are some questions to ask to determine your ideal pack:

  • Do you like fun?
  • Do you like sequins?
  • Will you wear a four-person costume?
  • Will you spell out the acronym for (insert team here) on your face?
  • Do you have any preference of which giant head on a stick you get?
  • Do you celebrate Caturday?
  • Do you have experience in elaborate, sparkly signs?

You know what you like, so make sure your new friends do too!

Pack it up to Playoffs: Before you pack your costumes/jerseys/facepaint/signs/banners/giant heads on sticks/cameras/fanny packs/sequined outfits/mascots/etc., make sure all pack members know they will need to show proof of purchase to get their ticket/wristband at the door.  If you plan on arriving at different times, each person must present a copy of the proof of purchase at the box office to receive a wristband/stamp.

Stand Out from the Pack!

Now that you’ve got your pack, share your journey with the community. Once you have your tickets, make sure you post into the Facebook event and let everyone else know you and your three friends are gonna be there too! Use the #packishere on social media to show the world how awesome your pack is. Don’t forget to document your journey; tell us about your road trip, your t-shirts, your signs, and how you and your friends stand out from the pack!

More than a Pack?

Nothing says “roller derby” like a caravan of friends heading down the same highway to a game. If your pack is more like a caravan (10 or more), please contact tickets@wftda.com to discuss large group pricing. We are happy to make arrangements for your entire group.

Additional Info

Pack is Here tickets may be available at the door for $185 if quantities allow.

Why no Pack is Here for Championships? We have limited seating for Championships this year (if you haven’t heard, we only have 3,000 tickets), so all tickets are at regular price.

For more information on all the events go to https://wftda.com/tournaments/

2019 WFTDA Postseason Schedule

Date Event Location Host Ticket Info
Aug. 9-11
WFTDA Continental Cup North America-West
Orem, Utah, USA
Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Tickets on sale now! Click here to purchase.
Aug. 23-25
WFTDA Continental Cup North America-East
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Dutchland Derby Rollers
Find out more about these tickets! On sale June 17
Sept. 6-8
International WFTDA Playoffs
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex

Greensboro Roller Derby
Find out more about these tickets! On sale June 17
Sept. 13-15
International WFTDA Playoffs
Seattle, Washington, USA

Showare Center

Rat City Roller Derby
Find out more about these tickets! On sale June 17
Oct. 5-6
WFTDA Continental Cup Europe
Helsinki, Finland
Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Find out more about these tickets! On sale June 17
Nov. 15-17
International WFTDA Championships
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard

Montréal Roller Derby
Find out more about these tickets! On sale June 17