2017 Tournament Structure

Five Events in 2017

  • One dual-track D2 Playoffs. This event will have two brackets. The D2 Championship games between the top two teams in each bracket will happen the same weekend.
  • Three single-bracket D1 playoffs tournaments that feed into one D1 Championships.

Serves Leagues Ranked 1-52

  • The D2 Playoffs will feature two brackets of 8 teams each.
  • Each of the three D1 Playoffs will feature a single bracket of 12 teams. Teams placing 1-4 in their respective playoffs will progress to Championships.
  • Championships will feature a single bracket of 12 teams.
  • Two-game minimum per team, per event.

Medals and Trophies

  • D2 teams placing 1-3 will receive medals, in addition to a trophy for the winner of the D2 Championship.
  • D1 teams placing 1-3 in their respective Playoffs will receive medals.
  • At Championships, teams placing 1-3 will receive medals and the D1 team in first place will, of course, claim the Hydra.


  • Live video broadcast of all three D1 Playoffs and Championships.
  • Live audio broadcast of the D2 Playoffs and Championships.
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