2019 Tournament Announcers

Meet the announcer crews for the 2019 International WFTDA Playoffs & Championships and Continental Cups.

2019 International WFTDA Playoffs


September 6-8
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Hosted by Greensboro Roller Derby

Head Announcer: Steffi Skyscraper (she/her) – Charlottesville Derby Dames
Announcers: Biff Mixalot, Crickett Wilder, death KNELLa, Electra Blu, Julia Sleazer, October Revolution, PR Mageddon, Rippi Longstocking, Sissy Splaysek, Standby, Tool Time


September 13-15
Seattle, Washington, USA
Hosted by Rat City Roller Derby

Head Announcer: Scarlet O’Hurtya (she/her) – Houston Roller Derby
Announcers: Chloé Gwendoline, Crimson Al-Khemia, Electra Blu, Johnny Pepper, Julia Sleazer, Muffin Tumble, Murray Grande, October Revolution, Rich Mahogany, Scott Chicken, TchaiKILLsky

2019 Continental Cups

North America West

August 9-11
Orem, Utah, USA
Hosted by Happy Valley Derby Darlins

Head Announcer: Andrew Marron (he/him) – Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Announcers:  Bobby Narco, Chloroform Cupcake, Hazenberg, Kate Silver, Kent the Politician, Loose Change, Sexy Beast, Sonia Blayde, Speaker of the House, Wilhelm Scream

North America East

August 23-25
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Hosted by Dutchland Derby Rollers

Head Announcer: Gretchen Little (she/her) – Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Announcers: Adam “AK” Kenyon, Andrew Marron, Bootiful Banshee, Bea Nimble, Eloda Sarcasm, Jackie Bauer, Johnny Bullet, Kent the Politician, Pin Pushion, Scar Trek, Token Redshirt


October 5-6
Helsinki, Finland
Hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow

Head Announcer: Val Kyria (she/her) – Roller Derby Regensburg
Announcers: Battered Sausage, Biertrix, D, Gretchen Little, H.P. Watched-Her, Loud & Queer, River Rain, Sarah Riggs, SvenWillIBeFamous, Vanilla Nice

2019 International WFTDA Championships

November 15-17
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Hosted by Montréal Roller Derby

Head Announcers: Biertrix (she/her) – Rainy City Roller Derby
Chloé Gwendoline (she/her) – Montréal Roller Derby

Note: Championships announcers will be selected after Playoffs.

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