WFTDA Releases Sept. 30 Rankings and 2019 Championships Seeding

The WFTDA has released the September 30, 2019 Rankings, and announced the match-ups for the 2019 International WFTDA Championships in Montréal, Québec, Canada, November 15-17. The September 30 Rankings determined the seeding for the top three finishers from the two Playoffs tournaments that took place in September in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Seattle, Washington. Learn more about the Tournament Structure and Seeding Process.

The top four ranked teams on June 30 automatically received an invitation and top seeding at Championships, with a bye to the second round. These teams were:

#1 Rose City Rollers, of Portland, Oregon, U.S.

#2 Gotham Girls Roller Derby, of New York, New York, U.S.

#3 Victorian Roller Derby League, of Melbourne, Australia

#4 Arch Rival Roller Derby, of Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.

The next 24 ranked teams were seeded into two Playoffs with the top three finishers from each event moving on to Championships. These finishers were:

Playoffs: Winston-Salem

#1 Angel City Derby, of Los Angeles, California, U.S.

#2 Texas Rollergirls, of Austin, Texas, U.S.

#3 2×4 Roller Derby, of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Playoffs: Seattle

#1 Denver Roller Derby, of Denver, Colorado, U.S.

#2 Montréal Roller Derby, of Montréal, Québec, Canada

#3 Philly Roller Derby, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

The higher ranked first-place finisher from Playoffs (based on Sept. 30 rankings) will meet the #4 seed, Arch Rival Roller Derby, and the lower ranked first-place finisher will face the #3 seed, Victorian Roller Derby League in the second round. The second and third place finishers will be placed in first round games where the second-place finisher from one Playoff competes against the third-place finisher from the other Playoff. The winners of these games will move on to second round games against #2 seed Gotham Girls Roller Derby, and #1 seed Rose City Rollers.

Based on the Sept. 30 rankings, Denver Roller Derby is the higher-ranked Playoffs winner, and will meet Arch Rival Roller Derby in Game 3. Angel City Derby, the lower-ranked winner, will play Victorian Roller Derby League in Game 4. Texas Rollergirls (Second Place, Winston-Salem) and Philly Roller Derby (Third Place, Seattle) will play in Game 1, and 2×4 Roller Derby (Third Place, Winston-Salem) and Montréal Roller Derby (Second Place, Seattle) will play in Game 2.

This year’s Championships will also feature a game to honor the nations of Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby. Tune into on Saturday, November 16 at 11:30 am EST for a free streaming broadcast of We Are Nation: A Game Without Borders. We realize that this game does take place during Shabbat, and all participants involved have approved the time for the game.

Join us in Montréal or watch live on November 15-17 to find out who will take home the Hydra at the 2019 International WFTDA Championships. Visit Championships Tournament Central for tickets and travel info, schedule and score updates, recaps, and more!

Championships Bracket

2019 International WFTDA Championships Bracket
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