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November 9-11, 2018

Current Time in New Orleans

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Note: Game times are listed in three time zones: Central Standard Time (CST), Central European Time (CET), and Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). Due to the time difference, some games actually occur the following day in some time zones, e.g. Game 1 is at 10:00am Friday in New Orleans (CST), but 3:00am Saturday in Australia (AEDT).

Day 1 – Friday

GAME 1     10:00am CST/5:00pm CET/3:00am (Saturday) AEDT

Crime City Rollers 180 v. Montréal Roller Derby 184

GAME 2     12:00pm CST/7:00pm CET/5:00am (Saturday) AEDT

Jacksonville Roller Derby 85 v. Angel City Derby 248

GAME 3     2:00pm CST/9:00pm CET/7:00am (Saturday) AEDT

Gotham Girls Roller Derby 143 v. Texas Rollergirls 79

GAME 4     4:00pm CST/11:00pm CET/9:00am (Saturday) AEDT

Denver Roller Derby 204 v. Arch Rival Roller Derby 134

GAME 5     6:00pm CST/1:00am  (Saturday) CET/11:00am (Saturday) AEDT

Rose City Rollers 222 v. Montréal Roller Derby 107

GAME 6     8:00pm CST/3:00am  (Saturday) CET/1:00pm (Saturday) AEDT

Victorian Roller Derby League 170 v. Angel City Derby 95

Day 2 – Saturday

RDWS Outreach Event     9:00AM

Roller Derby World Summit Satellite Series Outreach Event at Lakeshore Arena – Learn More and Register

GAME 7     12:00pm CST/7:00pm CET/5:00am (Sunday) AEDT

Crime City Rollers 173 v. Jacksonville Roller Derby 160

GAME 8     2:00pm CST/9:00pm CET/7:00am (Sunday) AEDT

Texas Rollergirls 92 v. Arch Rival Roller Derby 122

GAME 9     4:00pm CST/11:00pm CET/9:00am (Sunday) AEDT

Montréal Roller Derby 118 v. Angel City Derby 199

GAME 10     6:00pm CST/1:00am  (Sunday) CET/11:00am (Sunday) AEDT

Gotham Girls Roller Derby 124 v. Rose City Rollers 150

GAME 11     8:00pm CST/3:00am  (Sunday) CET/1:00pm (Sunday) AEDT

Denver Roller Derby 129 v. Victorian Roller Derby League 202

Day 3 – Sunday

GAME 12 (3rd/4th Place)     2:00pm CST/9:00pm CET/7:00am (Monday) AEDT

Gotham Girls Roller Derby 164 v. Denver Roller Derby 151

GAME 13 (1st/2nd Place)     4:00pm CST/11:00pm CET/9:00am (Monday) AEDT

Rose City Rollers 144 v. Victorian Roller Derby League 121

AWARDS CEREMONY     6:00pm CST/1:00am  (Monday) CET/11:00am (Monday) AEDT
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